Wild Zone


You’ll spend lots of time marvelling at the ocean here at Sealife Adventure – but after plenty of time gazing in awe at our underwater exhibitions, it’s time to pop your head above water and meet all kinds of land-loving animals in our outside zoo area.

We have a family of meerkats, a number of rescue monkeys, mongooses, and Three huge Sulcata tortoises. These gentle African giants were all re-homed following the closure of Tropical Wings Zoo.

ENJOY A Meerkat Experience

Sealife Adventure offers you the chance to get up close and personal with these furry friends by feeding our meerkats in a fully hands-on environment.

Your experience will start at our Customer Services desk. You will sign a risk assessment form, and then make your way down to the enclosure. From here, you will be introduced to one of our experienced keepers, who will escort you into our meerkat enclosure for your health and safety briefing. Throughout your experience the keeper will tell you about the behaviour, feeding, habits and habitat of our meerkats, so you’ll leave with a brilliant understanding of what life is like for these family-friendly favourites.

Our meerkat enclosure is not wheelchair accessible. If you require assistance entering the enclosure, please contact us ahead of your booking to discuss further.

We want you to make the most out of this very unique experience and so take as many pictures as you’d like! Be warned, these furry friends will have their eyes on you and might even use you as a climbing frame!

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Go wild at Sealife Adventure

Come and see our curious Meerkats sharing their play area with the Giant Tortoises.