Just metres away from Sealife Adventure, Southend’s own coastline offers a brilliant range of diverse creatures for you to explore.

Head over to the pier to catch sight of local mackerel, plaice or flounder fish in their native habitat. If you’re lucky, you might even spot dogfish, garfish, smooth-hound, bass and sole during the summer months! Plenty of our guests have caught a look at lobsters, rays and even seahorses during their visit too!

Wildlife aside, this is your chance to soak up the sunny scenes of Southend and experience life on the British coast. From the bright lights of Adventure Island that sparkle on the horizon and the colourful beach huts that line the land to the world-famous pier that shapes the surrounding scenery, there’s so much to take in during a walk around our bright and buzzy coastal resort. Walk a few minutes in either direction from the promenade and you’ll end up at one of the many beaches nearby, all of which offer tranquil little spots for bird watching, sea gazing, or simply making great memories with friends and family.

If you want to go further afield in search of delicious seafood dishes, you can travel a little further down the road to Leigh-on-Sea to try some of the local shellfish. Or why not take a drive over to Paglesham, where oysters have been farmed for centuries on the River Crouch!


Edible Crab (Cancer Pagurus) probably didn’t come up with its own name… It’s the largest of the common crab species in Britain. A large female can lay over 3 MILLION eggs.

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