Crawl Wall

Intricate inverts and creepy crawlies?

We have a large “Crawl Wall” which consists of several herps and inverts, including reptiles, tarantulas, insects, horned frog and more!

You can find this wall of intricacy next to our Quarantine tanks just past the Mongooses. 


Giant African Snails (Lissachatina fulica) are remarkable creatures, one of the largest terrestrial gastropods in the world. Their shells can reach up to 7.8 inches in length and stands 2.7-3.9 inches tall. An adult Giant African Land Snail weighs approximately 32 grams.

Royal Pythons (also known as Ball Pythons) are native to West and Central Africa, where it lives in grasslands, shrublands and open forests. They can reach up to 5 feet but average more like 2-4 feet in length.