Sealife Adventure is committed to ensuring all our guests can have an unforgettable time at our centre within a safe, disability-assisted environment.

We manage this by:

  • Recognising that all visitors and staff have the right to be treated as equally as possible in all areas of the centre.
  • Being open to all types of recognised disability.
  • Making sure that all our staff are aware of our company policy and are prepared to assist where possible.
  • Keeping up to-date with changing legislation using websites, BALPPA and other reputable sources.
  • Giving open access to external authorities to examine our policy and enforcement procedures.
  • Building links with agencies and focus groups which enable professional bodies to advise us on additional duties and works.
  • Constantly reviewing action plans to update the works in hand.
  • Continually reviewing our policy to maximise its
  • Providing a comprehensive statement and general terms for public safety and disabled people.

We want all our guests to get the most out of our Zooquarium and enjoy as many of our facilities as possible. This guide will assist our guests with disabilities to ensure that they have a safe and thrilling day out!

The information here has been produced to give you a full and realistic picture of our attractions, detailing issues, restrictions, details of evacuations and the requirements for helpers/carers to accompany guests.

Assistance Dogs

Due to the nature and environment of our attraction, we have strict guidelines to follow when bringing dogs into the centre. Dogs without intense training can find Sealife Adventure, with the noise and enclosed environment, very stressful. This may cause the animal to act out of nature. As owners of a popular attraction, our responsibility to all our customers is to ensure that the environment is safe for everyone and all hygiene measures can be met at all times. We therefore ask that:

  • All dogs must be registered assistance dogs.
  • All dogs must be highly trained and proof of this in the form of an I.D. book may be required.
  • Dogs must not wander freely around the site and must sit quietly on the floor next to their owner.
  • Dogs must wear a recognisable harness and identifying coat.
  • If any dog is experiencing an illness, they are not allowed to enter the Zooquarium due to risk of disease spreading.

You can read our Assistance Dog Policy here.

Please note – you will need to fill in the Assistance Dog Pre-Visit Registration form below one day in advance of your visit for the authorisation to be complete.

Assistance Dog Pre-Visit Registration Authorisation Form


Sealife Adventure does not have its own car park. However there is a large council owned, pay and display car park next to the centre’s main entrance.

If you have a disabled parking badge there are adequate provisions provided in this council car park. If you have any questions then the council car park number is 01702 331326.

Entrances and exits

Our main entrance is flat and has no steps. There are no turnstiles to enter the building. There is adequate signage throughout the building.

Ticket and wristband sales

There are four well-lit admission points within the main entrance foyer and the Customer Services desk is situated opposite the foyer.

Sealife Adventure’s current policy on ticket and wristband sales for disabilities entitles the carer to a wristband for half price. Please note that carers must be over the age of 18 to be responsible for anyone they wish to accompany, assist and care for.

Our cashiers MUST see proof that a guest requires a carer for a carer wristband to be issued. This can be in the form of a DLA letter, DWP, Carer’s Allowance, Carer’s ID or a PIP letter. We will NOT accept the blue disability badge as a form of ID. If you have a form of ID to show that is not in this list, please contact us before your visit to approve this.

Carers may not enter the Zooquarium alone with a carer wristband.

For further information, please call Customer Services on 01702 442200. We will also be able to advise you on the best visiting periods to avoid queuing.

For group or advance bookings, please call our Bookings team on 01702 443400.


All wheelchair users must be accompanied by their own assistant. Wheelchairs can be obtained locally from Southend tourist information centre. Advanced notice is required and you can book by calling 01702 215120. Please note that wheelchair hire is subject to availability.

First aid

The first aid station is located at Customer Services. It is manned during opening hours by qualified general first aiders. If you require first aid, please contact a member of staff. Our team members are located throughout the centre and can be clearly identified by their uniform.


As well as general toilets, we have a disabled facility. It is located in the yellow beach hut in the main foyer. There is also an allocated baby changing room onsite, as well as an extra baby-changing station located within the disabled toilet.


In the event of emergency, Customer Services may assist with a telephone. Pay phones are also located outside the building, on the main road.

Area recommendations

The Sealife Adventure Zooquarium is a mainly visual experience and is therefore not recommended for visitors with sight impairment. Learning about the sea life is an audio and visual experience and the quality of the visit will be affected if you have a hearing impairment. Some dim lighting is used to protect the sea life. All the Zooquariums are low level and have full glass frontage. All areas are considered wheelchair accessible with a carer. Parts of the quarantine areas are narrow but accessible to wheelchair users with carers.

The Three Shells restaurant at Sealife Adventure is fully wheelchair accessible and is well illuminated with staff on hand to assist. There is a service bell at the order and pay counter. The menu serves a variety of hot and cold food and drink and the meals are bought to your table. There is a step leading to all exits onto the main parade, but a flat access is located at the main entrance.

There are areas within the centre with low lighting for effect and to create atmosphere and these may be unsuitable for those with visual impairments without a carer or assistance.

Displays are fully accessible for wheelchair users and for those with walking disabilities, but parts of the attraction do have steep slopes, or changes in flooring texture, so a carer may be required at certain times.