Deepwater World


Witness the wonders of the deep in a zone that’s purely dedicated to showing you the very best of marine life.

From bright, beautiful coral and anemones to tropical triggerfish and black-tip reef sharks, there are so many plants and species to discover, you’ll be sure to stare at the tanks here for hours!


The depths of the ocean tanks here at Deepwater World are home to a number of species of tropical shark. Come and see some of the fiercest ocean predators existing in harmony with a beautiful variety of fish, and marvel at how all these creatures interact to keep the seabed thriving.

Take a wander through more than 195,000 litres of water and immerse yourself in ocean life. Press up against the glass to get the best view and watch our menacing sharks pass overhead; it’s like you could just reach up and touch them! You’ll also see our inquisitive tropical fish ducking and diving in and out of the rocks, on the hunt for their next meal.

Move a little further along the zone and you’ll soon find yourself in complete darkness, with just a vertical tube aquarium for company. You’ll be mesmerised by our sparkling silver neon tetras! Follow the corridor and you’ll be met with a six foot high concaved glass screen, where you can view our sharks and all the rest of the deep water mysteries from a totally different angle.