Opening:10:00 Closing: 8.00pm Last Admissions: 7.15pm
Talk Schedule

What’s On?

What’s on at sea life adventure

Talks vary on a daily basis, but a selection of the talks listed here will be available everyday. Some talks are ‘feeding’ talks and are based around feeding patterns of the individual species.

During your Sea-Life Adventure experience, you will discover an exciting world of marine life.

You will also discover that our Aquarium hosts like to talk about this marine life! They are passionate about the animals in the aquarium and want to share that passion with you! As well as the set talks, our hosts are more than happy to chat and answer any questions you might have about our fascinating marine collection. So be prepared for lots of fishy talk!

We like to call this Edu-tainment because we can guarantee that not only will you find the themed displays entertaining but we are sure you will go away knowing something new about the life that lives in our planet’s seas and oceans.

We are luckily enough to be based next to sunny Southend’s beach! For the most breath-taking views check out the tide times here to make sure you do not miss out!

Talk / Event Time
Shrimp Fish Feed 10:30am
Tropical Rockpool 11:00am
Penguin feed 11:30am
Predators Feed 12:00pm
Shark Talk 12:25pm
Tropical Rockpool 12:30pm
Macaque Talk 12:55pm
Otter Feed 1:00pm
Ray Talk 1:25pm
Meerkat Feed 1:30pm
Tropical Talk 1:55pm
Shark Talk 2:00pm
Turtle Talk 2:25pm
Rockpool Talk 2:30pm
Crawl Wall Encounter 2:55pm
Ray Feed 3:00pm
Macaque Talk 3:25pm
Otter Feed 3:30pm
Meerkat Feed 3:55pm
Penguin feed 4:00pm
Piranha Talk 4:30pm
Ray Talk 5:30pm
Shark Talk 6:30pm
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